Galiano Island Ecological Reserve Purpose Statement

Posted July 19, 2003 | Categories : 128,Management,Reports |

Primary Role
The primary role of Galiano Island Ecological Reserve is to preserve a unique bog in the
Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) Biogeoclimatic Zone. Within the dry rain shadow forest of the Gulf Islands, this 30-hectare ecological reserve protects an unusual and sensitive bog habitat and a largely undisturbed marsh ecosystem. This ecological reserve contains ericaceous shrubs and sphagnum moss, a wetland association that is rare in the CDF zone. Habitat for rare plants such as the vulnerable pointed rush and the endangered lodgepole pine / sphagnum plant community is protected. This rare peat bog supports diverse wildlife. Beavers are present and periodically dam the outlet stream, causing variations in water levels in the ecological reserve.
The ecological reserve also provides an excellent research site for bog communities and wetland wildlife and insects.

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