2003 Mount Maxwell Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping and Ecological Assessment

Posted April 15, 2003 | Categories : 37,Ecological Monitoring,Maps,Photos,Rare Species,Reports,Research |

This report is focused on the Mount Maxwell ER and adjacent Nature Trust (NT) Lands, which makes up 345 ha on Saltspring Island, and together support some of the last remaining stands of endangered Garry Oak and Associated Ecosystems in BC. This project mapped the terrestrial ecosystems, and classified them according to both TEM standards, and to the Garry Oak Ecosystem Classification. A brief assessment of ecological values and preliminary wildlife habitat interpretations were also completed.

Author: Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.; Radcliffe, G.; Williams, H.; Butt, G.; Willmott, S.

Date Published: Apr 2003

Link to PDF report: Mt Maxwell TEM Final Report 2003.

Link to other information and data files: