Chilako River Ecological Reserve Purpose Statement

Posted March 21, 2003 | Categories : 79,Management,Reports |

The Chilako River Ecological Reserve is located 54 km south of Vanderhoof, 2 km north of the
Chilako River. The ecological reserve is 64 ha in size and protects the most southerly known stand of tamarack trees in British Columbia. The ecological reserve lies on the gently rolling terrain of the Nechako Plateau and has little variation in relief. A minor watercourse through the ecological reserve drains wetlands to the east.
The major feature of this ecological reserve is a stand of vigorous tamarack trees located well to the south of the usual range of this species in the Boreal White and Black Spruce Zone of the Peace River – Fort Nelson – Liard area. Black spruce is also near the southern limit of its range here. The ecological reserve is largely forested but contains small, scattered sedge meadows. Three forest communities are included: swampy sites dominated by tamarack, mixed black
spruce/tamarack stands, and spruce/lodgepole pine forests on drier sites.
Primary Role
The primary role of Chilako River Ecological Reserve is to preserve the most southerly known
stand of tamarack trees in British Columbia.

Management Concerns: Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation:  No action will be taken in the ecological reserve; extensive salvage in adjacent and surrounding forests.


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