Clayoquot Region Research and Document Database – Part 4

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1001    The rare plants of the Queen Charlotte Islands    Ogilvie R. and H.L. Roemer    BC Naturalist    general    magazine article    BC Naturalist May 1984 (Summer):17-18    1984    600 species and subspecies of plants known from Queen Charlotte Islands; the rarest are 1 1 plant species and subspecies some of which are found on west coast of Vancouver Island.
1002    The recreational use of gray whales in southern Clayoquot Sound    Duffus Dave    Whale Research Lab, University of Victoria    University of Victoria    journal article    Applied Geography 16(3):179-190    1996
1003    The relation of the reproductive biology of plants to the structure and function of four plant communities    Pojar J.         University of British Columbia; PRNP library    academic thesis         1974    PhD University of British Columbia, Botany
1004    The reptiles of British Columbia    Gregory P.T. and R.W. Campbell    Royal BC Museum         book    Handbook No. 44    1984
1005    The Resilient Community: Social Capital and Economic Change in British Columbia’s Coastal Communities    Matthews D. Ralph; Brian Elliott; Gerry Veenstra    University of British Columbia; Oweekeno-Kitasoo-Nuxalk Tribal Council; Coastal Community Network;  B.C. Fisheries; Inter-Departmental Working Group on Rural Canada    University of British Columbia    project         2002 (in progress)    UBC Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Tofino is one of the target communities
1006    The Role of Aboriginal Peoples in National Park Designation, Planning, and Management in Canada    Berg L.D., T. Fenge and P. Dearden         MacPherson Library (UVIC)    book chapter    in Park and Protected Area Management in Canada, P. Dearden and R. Rollins (eds)    1993
1007    The Sabine’s gull in southwestern British Columbia.    Campbell R.W.              journal article    Can. Field-Nat. Vol.84 (3):310-311    1970    sightings off Tofino and Cleland Island    sabine’s gull; tofino; cleland island
1008    The SPLAT project: Monitoring amphibian movements and mortality on Highway 4 crossing the Kennedy Lake Flats, BC    Beasley Barbara    Long Beach Model Forest    LBMF library    report         2002    available from LBMF
1009    The status of Vancouver Island’s threatened old growth forests    Webb C.    Western Canada Wilderness Committee         report         1992    classification and logging status of Clayoquot Ursus Flores Megin Sidney Watersheds and Hesquiat Harbour
1010    the uvic fungus study    University of Victoria-Biology              project
1011    The vertebrates of British Columbia: Scientific and English names    Cannings R.A. and A.P. Harcombe (eds.)    Royal BC Museum         report    Royal BC Museum Heritage Record No. 20. Wildlife Report No. R24    1990
1012    Thesis for community review: Exploring Co-Management in Clayoquot Sound    Goetze Tara         McMaster University; UFN library    academic thesis         1998    McMaster University
1013    Third-Year Assessment of Prescribed Burning on Forest Productivity of Some Coastal British Columbia Sites    Beese Bill         Ministry of Forests Library    report         1992
1014    Threatened and endangered species and habitats in British Columbia and the Yukon. Proceeding of the symposium    Stace-Smith R.; L. Johns; and P. Joslin (eds)    BC Environment (Ministry of), Fish and Wildlife Branch Victoria B.C         symposium proceedings         1980
1015    Time-courses of size-fractionated phosphate uptake: Are larger cells better competitors for pulses of phosphate than smaller cells?    Suttle C.A.; Stockner J.G.; Shortreed K.S.; Harrison P.J.              journal article    Oecologia, vol. 74, no. 4: 571-576    1988        Time-course experiments of phosphate uptake by size-fractionated phytoplankton were conducted in oligotrophic Kennedy and Sproat Lakes. The objective was to determine if large phytoplankton obtained more phosphate than smaller cells, when the nutrient    nutrient uptake; phosphate; phytoplankton; nutrient availability;  food absorption; phosphates; nutrients (mineral)
1016    Timing of herring spawnings in British Columbia 1942-1979    Hourston A.S.         DFO library    report    Canadian Industry Report of Fish. Aqua. Sci. No. 118    1979    shows herring spawning grounds in Clayoquot Sound; dates of spawning; duration and abundance of egg deposition    herring; spawning; british columbia
1017    Tofino – Ucluelet Area Economic Survey and Population Projections         Pacific Rim National Park         report         1976
1018    Tofino Climate Inventory Report 2000    Collyer Michael; J. McGarvie; R. Scott    Long Beach Model Forest    LBMF library    report         2002
1019    Tofino Community Mapping Project    Mason Adrienne         Adrienne Mason    map
1020    Tofino Community Plan         District of Tofino    District of Tofino office    community plan         2001?
1021    Tofino Creek Integrated Resource Management Strategy    Tofino Creek Planning Committee    Tofino Creek Planning Committee    MacPherson Library (UVIC); Ministry of Forests Library    report         1991
1022    Tofino Creek Restoration         NTC Central Region Fisheries Office    check with Lead Agency    project         1998    FsRBC / RAMS Funded Projects
1024    Tofino Creek Watershed: Ecological Values and Interpretations    Inselberg A.E.    BC Forests (Ministry of)         report         1993         Tofino Creek; ecology
1025    Tofino Offical Community Plan:  Background Report:  Objectives and Policy Options    UMA Engineering Limited         MacPherson Library (UVIC); Ministry of Forests Library              1991
1026    Tofino Regional Tourism Study;  Executive Summary    Careless Ric         MacPherson Library (UVIC); Ministry of Forests Library    report         1996
1027    Toquart watershed integrated resource study. British Columbia Forest Service Experimental Project 731.    Baker T.E. and J.B. Nyberg    BC Forests (Ministry of)    Ministry of Forests – Research Branch    report    British Columbia Forest Service Experimental Project 731    1974    vegetation description and mapping of the Toquart watershed
1028    Tourism Management- A Consultation Survey of Ecotourism Development in Tofino    Howell J.; S. Rodney    School for Field Studies    School for Field Studies    student paper         1995
1029    Towards a coastal spatial decision support system for multiple-use management (British Columbia)    Canessa Rosaline Regan         University of Victoria    academic thesis         1997    PhD University of Victoria
1030    Tracing ghosts and awakening giants: The performance of history, myth, and activism in a vanishing forest    Barnett Gabrielle Ruth         New York University    academic thesis         1996    PhD New York University
1031    Traditional Land Users as a Legitimate Source of Environmental Expertize    Freeman M.M.R.              conference proceedings    The Canadian National Parks: Today and Tomorrow Conference II: Ten Years Later, Vol. I.    1979
1032    Training in the Development of Catch Monitoring for the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council    Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.    Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.    Archipelago Marine Research    project         1994
1033    Transcripts of Meetings of the Royal Commission on Indian Affairs for the Province of British Columbia with Indian Bands of the West Coast Agency         BC Public Archives                   1914
1034    Tree Farm License no. 54:  Management Plan No. 2 for the Period January 1, 1996 to December    Slaco Richard         MacPherson Library (UVIC); Ministry of Forests Library    report         1995
1035    Trees and shrubs of Pacific Rim National Park    Anonymous    Pacific Rim National Park    PRNP library    inventory              describes various habitats and trees and shrubs living in those habitats    Pacific Rim National Park; trees; shrubs
1036    Trees of Pacific Rim National Park    Anonymous    Pacific Rim National Park    PRNP library    inventory              describes 10 species of.trees in Pacific Rim National Park    Trees; Pacific Rim National Park
1037    Tsunami frequency at Tofino and Port Alberni    Wigen S.O.    Institute of Ocean Sciences    Institute of Ocean Sciences    report         1979         TSUNAMIS – B.C.
1038    Ucluelet Community Plan         District of Ucluelet    District of Ucluelet office    community plan         1998
1039    Ucluelet: As it was before 1942    Maekawa L.    Japanese Canadian National Museum    Japanese Canadian National Museum;  Ucluelet Harbour Project    newsletter    Nikkei Images: Japanese Canadian National Museum Newsletter Vol.6, no.1    2001
1040    Undisturbed and Disturbed Watershed Areas in Clayoquot Sound Nuu-Chah-Nulth First Nations    Western Canada Wilderness Committee    Western Canada Wilderness Committee    MacPherson Library (UVIC); Ministry of Forests Library              1995
1041    Uneven environmental management and social equity: a comparative approach    Reed Maureen         University of Saskatoon    report (s)         2004 (in progress)    will include maps, website, policy papers
1042    Ungulate inventory of the Megin River watershed    Davies R.    BC Environment Lands and Parks (Ministry of) Fish and Wildlife Branch         unpublished report         1974         megin river watershed; ungulate inventory
1043    Upper Clayoquot River Salmon Habitat Reconnaissance    Morrell M. and W. Kotilla    Clayoquot Biosphere Project         report         1993    habitat and distribtion assessement for salmon and steelhead in the upper Clayoquot River    upper clayoquot river; salmon habitat; steelhead
1044    Upper Clayoquot River: Salmonoid Distribution Survey    Kotilla W.    Clayoquot Biosphere Project         report         1995    habitat distribution and sampling of fish species in the upper Clayoquot River tributaries; 6 species discussed    Upper Clayoquot River; salmon survey
1045    Upper Kennedy River – Side Channel Restoration Project Construction Progress Reporting (FINAL)    NEI; MC Wright & Assoc.    NEI; MC Wright & Assoc.; T & E Consultants Inc.         report         January 1997
1046    Upper Kennedy River – Side channel Restoration Project Construction Progress Reporting for 1997    NEI; G.D. Hooper; A. D. Boan    Northwest Ecosystem Institute         report         March 4, 1996
1047    Upper Kennedy Side Channel (Jump Off Bridge) Restoration Project    Johannes Mark    Northwest Ecosystem Institute                             upper kennedy river; salmon habitat restoration
1048    Upper Kennedy Side Channel Restoration Plans (Jump-Off Bridge Side Channel) (FINAL)    NEI; MC Wright & Assoc.    BC Environment Lands and Parks (Ministry of) Regional Office, Nanaimo         report         September 1996
1049    Uses of Plants by Native Peoples of the Pacific Rim National Park Area    Fenn Leslie; Maggie Norris; Nancy Turner    Parks Canada    PRNP library    report         1979
1050    Validation of Visitor Monitoring techniques – Application to the Keeha Beach Trail    Webber Marian    School for Field Studies-Centre for Coastal Studies                             tourism; keeha beach
1052    Value-added Wood Products Report    Greer Patricia J.    Long Beach Model Forest    LBMF library    report         1995         clayoquot sound; value-added manufacturing; wood products
1053    Vancouver Island Marmot Reintroduction Project    Bryant Andrew
1054    Variable retention windthrow monitoring    Scott Robyn and Barbara Beasley    Long Beach Model Forest    LBMF library    report         2001    available from LBMF
1055    Variable retention windthrow monitoring block summary report for Lost Shoe, Sandhill, Rolling Stone, Virge    Scott Robyn    Long Beach Model Forest; Interfor West Coast operations    LBMF library    report         2001    available from LBMF
1056    Variation and systematic relationships within the salamander genus Tapicha    Riemer W.J.              journal article    University of California Publications in Zoology Vol.56 (3):301-390    1958    one salamander species collected at Tofino    salamander; tofino
1057    Variations in gray whale feeding behaviour in the presence of whale-watching vessels in Clayoqout Sound, 1993-1995    Bass J.    Whale Research Lab, University of Victoria    University of Victoria    academic thesis         2000    PhD University of Victoria, Geography
1058    Vascular Plant Flora Pacific Rim National Park: Plant Collections    Bell M.A.M.    Pacific Rim National Park    PRNP library    inventory         1972    list of vascular plants; 304 plant species    Vascular Plant;Pacific Rim Natinoal Park
1059    Vegetation – Forest Zonation for Vancouver Island Mapsheet Area.  Maps: 92E/SE and 92F/SW    BC Environment (Ministry of)    BC Environment (Ministry of)         map         1979    biophysical forest regions biophysical forest zones and subzones and tree species shown on map
1060    Vegetation and history of the sphagnum bogs of the Tofino area Vancouver Island    Wade L.K.         University of British Columbia; PRNP library    academic thesis         1965    MSc University of British Columbia, Botany; lists 112 species trees shrubs herbs mosses and lichens found in sphagnum bog near Tofino; vegetation types and associations
1061    Vegetation Plot Analysis Including the Assessment of Vegetation, Herpetofauna, and Wildlife Trees in Ah’ta’apq Watershed    Schrank S.; B. Crusius; D. Colliver    School for Field Studies    School for Field Studies    student paper         1996
1062    Vegetation Plot Assessment and Ethnobotanical Interviewing Techniques- Hot Springs Cove    Steeves R.; K. Rob; I. Charleson; V. Dornan    School for Field Studies    School for Field Studies    student paper         1995
1063    Vegetation resources of Vancouver Island: Forest zonation    Harcombe A.P. and E. Oswald    BC Environment (Ministry of)         unpublished report              descriptions of regional vegetation within the biophysical forest zonation classification; includes LBMF area. Unpublished report
1065    Vegetation Studies on Clayoquot Lake in Clayoquot Sound Vancouver Island Summer 1993    Kunze U.    Clayoquot Biosphere Project         report         1993    lists 121 plant species found in the Clayoquot.  Valley collection books available    Clayoquot River Valley; botany
1066    Waterfowl concerns within the Meares Island integrated resource plan area    Cerenzia R.E.         PRNP library    unpublished report              discusses 2 ways forest development may have an impact on waterfowl and protection of habitat    Meares Island; waterfowl
1067    Waterfowl surveys in Clayoquot Sound and adjacent areas    Demarchi D.    BC Environment Lands and Parks (Ministry of)         unpublished data         1989    results of surveys (bird species and numbers)    waterfowl; population; clayoquot sound
1068    Watershed Atlas of Habitat and Salmon Biodiversity    Hyatt Kim    Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Pacific Biological Station         atlas                   pacific salmon; habitat; biodiversity
1069    Watershed data base: Clayoquot Sound Vancouver Island    Brown T.G.; I.V. Williams; R. Pulfer    Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans    WLAP&SRM Ministry Library    report    Can. Data Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 668    1987    catalogue of 34 Clayoquot Sound streams: location physical characteristics forest cover tenure status biogeoclimatic variants and relative abundance of salmonid species
1070    West Coast Trail and Barkley Sound Marbled Murrelet Survey    Burger Alan         Biology department, University of Victoria    report              survey of marbled murrelet populations in Barkley Sound and along the West Coast Trail; information to be gathered on habitat selection breeding and migration    Pacific Rim National Park; West Coast Trail; marbled murrelet;
1071    West Coast Trail: a qualitative approach to the evaluation of recreation    King Graham L.         Simon Fraser University; PRNP library    academic thesis         1972    MA Simon Fraser University, Geography
1072    West Coaster         West Coaster    BC Provincial Archives    weekly newspaper              pre-dates current community weekly newspaper
1073    Westerly News         Westerly News    Westerly News office Ucluelet; BC Provincial Archives    weekly newspaper         ongoing
1074    Western Forests    Witney S.    Alfred A. Knopf Inc.    general    book         1988
1075    What can we learn from the experiences of Ministry of Social Services social workers who transferred provincial child welfare responsibility to First Nations bands on Vancouver Island? (British Columbia)    Basnett Christine Muir         University of Victoria    academic thesis         1995    MSW University of Victoria
1076    What was really said? A consideration of the Nuu-chah-nulth and Kwakwaka’wakw testimonies before the Royal Commission on Indian Affairs for the Province of British Columbia (1913-1916)    Sanders Deidre Ann         University of Victoria    academic thesis         1995    MA University of Victoria
1077    When worlds collide: a historical and socio-economic assessment of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth on Vancouver Island    Hehl Hiltrud         University of Waterloo    academic thesis         1992    MA University of Waterloo
1078    Wholistic forest youth conference report. Conference proceedings, Sept.25,1999    LBMF    Long Beach Model Forest    LBMF library    conference proceedings         1999    available from LBMF
1079    Wildlife ecosystem relationships in the coastal western hemlock in Eco-regions of British Columbia.    Stevens V.                        1990    brief description of coastal western hemlock biogeoclimatic zone includes lists of species; birds (332) amphibians (12) reptiles (4)    coastal western hemlock zone; birds
1080    Wildlife habitat map – Vancouver Island June 1989    Demarchi D.    BC Environment (Ministry of), Wildlife Branch         map         1989    eco-region and biogeoclimatic units of BC includes LBMF area
1081    Wildlife inventory report number 1 (Atleo River)    Moir B.C.    MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., Forestry Division         unpublished report         1975         Atleo River;Wildlife inventory
1082    Windward island mountains ecosection Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada: Gap Analysis    Enns K.A.    World Wildlife Fund         report         1994    summary of biophysical features of Pacific Rim National Park Strathcona Provincial Park Flores Island Hesquiat Peninsula.  Kennedy Lake Vargas Island Blunden Island and the Clayoquot Sydney and Tranquil watersheds
1083    Winter diet of Vancouver Island marten (Martes ameilcana)    Nagorsen D.W.; K.F. Morrison; and J.E. Forsberg.              journal article    Can. J. Zoology Vol.67 (6):1394-1400    1989    examined digestive tracts of marten harvested for fur; mainly ate small mammals deer birds and salmonid fish.    marten; Martes ameilcana; winter diet; vancouver island
1084    Winter ecology of a black oystercatcher population    Hartwick E.B. and W. Blaylock.              journal article    Studies in Avian Biol. No. 2:207-215    1979    discussion of black oystercatchers feeding on mussels in Lemmen’s Inlet Meares Island    black oystercatcher; lemmens inlet; feeding
1085    Winter waterbirds of Meares Island    Harestad A.S. and B.M. Van Der Raay         PRNP library    unpublished report         1982    list of 51 species of birds and the numbers of each species seen; gives status of each species in B. C.    shorebirds; meares island
1086    Witness to Wilderness: The Clayoquot Sound Anthology         Arsenal Press (pub)    WLAP&SRM Ministry Library    book         1994
1087    Wood Fungi Collected in the National Parks of Banff, Yoho, Glacier, Revelstoke, Pacific Rim and in the Provincial Parks of Garibaldi and Mt. Seymour    Hallenberg N.    Pacific Rim National Park    PRNP library              1982
1088    Work plan for the monitoring program of the Scientific Panel for Sustainable Ecosystem Management in Clayoquot Sound    Wright Pam    Long Beach Model Forest    LBMF library    report         1999    available from LBMF
1089    Workshop report of the Kennedy Lake Salmonid Technical Working Group September 13 1994 Tofino: Report on progress made since March 1994 and preparations for the fall 1994 field season.    Parnell I. and D.R. Marmorek    Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations/ Ecotrust International         workshop proceedings         1994    brief review of sockeye salmon enumeration information for the 1994 season in the Kennedy Lake water system    kennedy lake; sockeye salmon
1090    WRP Kootowis, Staghorn, and Lost Shoe Creeks (FINAL)    Interfor; D.R. Clough Consulting Lt.; Madrone Consultants Ltd.; Northwest Hydrolics Consultants    Interfor, D.R. Clough Consulting, Madrone Consultants Ltd., Northwest Hydrolics Consultants         report         March 1996
1091    Zoo-archaeological analysis of barnacle remains from Yuquot British Columbia    Foumier J.A. and J. Dewhirst    Parks Canada         book chapter?    The Yuquot Project: Volume 2. History and Archaeology 43    1980    3 species of barnacles from excavations at site
1092    Zoo-archaeological analysis of mollusc remains from Yuquot British Columbia    Clarke L.R. and A.H. Clarke    Parks Canada         book chapter?    The Yuquot Project: Volume 2. History and Archaeology 43    1980    lists 2 species of chitons 1 species of scaphopod 23 species of gastropod (snails sea slugs limpets abalones) and 13 species of bivalves (clams oysters mussels) found at site
1093    Zooplankton from the west coast of Vancouver Island    Hart J.F.L.    Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Pacific Biological Station    DFO library    report    Pacific Biological Station Manuscript Report No. 349    1940    some collections of specimens took place in Barkley and Clayoquot Sound
1094    Zooplankton on the west coast of Vancouver Island: distribution and availability to marine birds    Mackas D.L. and M. Galbraith    K. Vermeer; R. W. Butler and K H. Morgan (eds.)         book chapter    The ecology, status, and conservation of marine and shoreline birds on the west coast of Vancouver Island    1992    analysis of zooplankton samples collected from nearly 700 sites; highest sampling density and coverage for continental shelf south of Estevan Point; lists dominant zooplankton species and discusses seasonal cycle


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