Prescribed burn for Tranquille Ecological Reserve

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KAMLOOPS — B.C. Parks will be conducting a

prescribed burn in Tranquille ecological reserve to

restore important habitat and to reduce the risk of a

major wildfire. Approximately 60 hectares of the

reserve’s 230 hectares will be burned.

The prescribed burn will reduce the fuel hazard and

potential for an extreme fire, as well as restore the

natural habitat for Ponderosa Pine and blue bunch


The ecological reserve depends on fire to restore

ecological balance. Successful fire suppression over

the years has caused forest movement into the

grassland areas, which changes the natural species

composition of the ecological reserve.

B.C. Parks, the B.C. Forest Service, Agriculture

Canada and volunteers from the community will work

together to conduct the prescribed burn. To ensure

minimal impact to local air quality, B.C. Parks staff

will burn on a day with a good venting index.

Tranquille ecological reserve is bordered on three

sides by Lac du Bois provincial park and provincial

forest land on the west. There are no residences in

the area.

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