Rhysia fletcheri ( Cnidaria,Hydrozoa, Rhysiidae) a new species of colonial hydroid from Vancouver Island ( B.C. Canada) and the San Juan Archipelago (Washington, U.S.A)

Posted March 19, 1993 | Categories : 97,Rare Species,Research,Species List |

BRINCKMANN-VOSS, A., LICKEY, D. M., and MILLS, C. E. 1993, published in the Can. J. Zool. 71: 401-406.

A new species of colonial athecate hydroid, Rhysia fletcheri, is described from Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada, and from Friday Harbor, Washington, U.S.A. Its relationship to Rhysia autumnalis Brinckmann from the Mediterranean and Rhysia halecii (Hickson and Gravely) from the Antarctic and Japan is discussed. Rhysia fletcheri differs from Rhysia autumnalis and Rhysia halecii in the gastrozooid having distinctive cnidocyst clusters on its hypostome and few, thick tentacles. Most of its female gonozooids have no tentacles. Colonies of R. fletcheri are without dactylozooids. The majority of R. fletcheri colonies are found growing on large barnacles or among the hydrorhiza of large thecate hydrozoans. Rhysia fletcheri occurs in relatively sheltered waters of the San Juan Islands and on the exposed rocky coast of southern Vancouver Island.

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Rhysia fletcheri female group. Photo by Anita Brinckmann-Voss