Ecological Reserve System Plan DRAFT- 1990

Posted June 28, 1990 | Categories : ER Proposals,History,Issues,Management,Reports,Research |

“As it now stands, the BC system of ecological reserves is far from complete. If it is to meet the purposes stated in the act, additional reserves are required to represent the ecosystems of the province and protect outstanding and rare features or species. The system is not representative of the entire province at present because establishing reserves has been easier in places where land use conflicts are few, such as marine and alpine areas, and more difficult in places where land use is intensive. In addition more emphasis must be given to the increasing role ecological reserves play in research and education.

The time has come to evaluate the present System of ecological reserves and develop strategy for its orderly completion. Thought process necessary to meet this objective is referred to as the BC ecological reserve system plan – an action plan for the systematic selection, designation and management of ecological reserves in a manner consistent with the goals and objectives of the ecological reserves act the following steps outline how this system plan will be implemented.”

See the  Complete PDF at parks_1990_draft-ecological-reserves_systems_plan