Bowen island ER #48 Management Strategy 1990

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File: 6-7-1-188-50 Date: 90-03-01


(This statement is intended for use in conjunction with the descriptive text and map pages supplied in the “Guide to Ecological Reserves in British Columbia”).

Features Requiring Special Management Consideration:

Relatively large area of undisturbed forest (early mature stage) close to Vancouver and universities. Representative.

Management Issues:

  1. The reserve appears to be land-locked within private properties, except for access from Apodaca Park. The only legal access to Apodaca Park itself is by boat, however. A thorough review of the legal-access question and possibly a legal boundary survey would be desirable.
  2. Cowan Point Resort is proposed to the south of the reserve bringing with it increased development and approximately 600 residents. A 100 m buffer requirement between the development and the reserve has been discussed with Islands Trust (referrals will be made when the application is dealt with).
  3. A golf course is planned to the N of the reserve, and another housing development to the NE (“Cates Hill” development, DL 489). Trail access to the reserve for the prospective residents was offered, but the proponents were informed that this was not desired.
  4. Logging plans are being prepared for areas bordering the reserve to the NW by the Chilliwack Forest District.

Management Actions Required and their Priority:

  1. Monitor surrounding development and development plans and ensure that recreational use is not deliberately focussed on the reserve.
  2. Clarify if legal access other than through boat access and Apodaca Park is required. If so, investigate if it could be created in connection with adjacent development or new logging operations.
  3. Explore with Chilliwack Forest District if legal access could be created to the reserve in connection with the planned logging (contact Mr. John Coles 794-3361).
  4. Consider obtaining a complete legal boundary survey for the reserve.

Fire, Insect and Disease Contingency:

  1. Avoid fires; if firefighting becomes necessary, avoid using chemicals and bulldozers in the reserve.
  2. No insect and disease control desired.
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