The Use of a Marine Mammal Reserve by Researchers and Photographers

Posted November 22, 1986 | Categories : 111,Human Disturbance,Issues,Management,Reports,Research |

Robin E. Taylor submitted this in partial fulfillment for a degree of Master of Natural Resource Management , SFU.

Boaters with a great deal of experience such as researchers and Photographers could possibly be a major source of disturbance. —-However, researchers are self-regulating , they are generally compliant to the terms of their permits, however non-permitted individuals may cause more problems in the future…

Ecological reserve and DFO guidelines are not particularly effective where economic gain is involved. Some Professional photographers are among the worst transgressors of the guidelines especially since these people are often repeat visitors to Robson Bight and have reason to be fully aware of expected behaviour.

Sse 75 page PDF: use_of_marine_mammal_reserve_by_researchers_and_photographers