Nimpkish River Ecological Reserve Tall Trees report 1983, and letters.

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George Lepore, Director Area D( Nimpkish)  Regional District of Mount Waddington did this report for  the Wilderness Advisory Committee in 1983, before the creation of the reserve.

There are aslso severla letters about the politics leading up to the decision to protect the park, especially of not are the lobbying letters from Vladimer Krajina.

See the full PDF at : Nimpkish River ER Tall Trees Report 1983

” The Nimpkish Island trees are especially significant because they are youthful, Vigorous , Douglas Fir Specimens which have reached the height of 300 Feet. They are still actively growing , similarly, the redwoods in redwood park Cal. (340 feet) have ceased growing. There is a possibility the the Nimpkish trees over the next 50 years could grow to exceded 348 trees and would thus be the tallest trees in North America if not the world.”