Ecological Reserve Proposal #290: Islets off Anthony Island

Posted November 29, 1980 | Categories : 95,Field Notes,Reports |

Trudy Carson provided a description of the islands and the bird species.  A species list of macrophytes, and Randy Baker has provided a report on annelids.

The uniqueness of this reserve and why it was an IBP Area, is that they are a small group of islets with different habitats ( landform and vegetation) features supporting distinct colonies of various breeding sea-birds ( Leach’s storm petrel, Pigeon Guillemot, cassin’s auklet, Pelagic Cormorants, glaucous -winged gull, tufted puffin.)   hair seals haul out on these islands and may breed here.  Exceptional variety in sub and intertidal ecosystems.

See the PDF file:  Carson_undated_Islets_off_Anthony_Island_proposal