Chilliwack lake Management Plan, 1980

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This is  the early management plan for the ER. It has now been replaced with a more recent one ( 2002)


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The Chilliwack River flows westward from glacier- fed Chilliwack Lake to the flood plain of the lower Fraser River. Its broad valley, framed by the western Cascade Mountains, lies in the wet subzone of the Coastal Douglas fir biogeoclimatic zone.

The recreational value of the Chilliwack River has long been recognized. Its location has made it accessible to the large urban population of the Lower Mainland and its inherent features initially made it popular for fishing, especially steelhead. Later, logging roads opened up access to the nearby alpine and subalpine meadows, which soon became a popular hiking and climbing attraction.

In recent years, river-oriented recreation has become increasingly popular. Easy access to both sides of the river provides many opportunities for all types and levels of canoeists, kayakers and rafters. To accommodate such use, both the Forest Service and the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Division have set aside lands for recreation and have established recreational facilities.

Chilliwack River Park (Figure 1) is located 10 km southeast of the town of Chilliwack and was established as a Class ‘A’ Provincial Park in 1961. This currently undeveloped park contains 26 hectares.


Within the Lower Mainland Region, the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Division, in close concert with the recreation efforts of the Ministry of Forests, will provide a diverse system of parks to serve the recreational needs of tourists and local residents. Based on the existing recreation features and patterns of the Chilliwack River Valley, the goals and objectives of the Division can best be met by providing diversified, day-oriented, easy access riverfront park opportunities.

The park opportunities at Chilliwack River Provincial Park will include picnicking, nature study based on the riverine environment and river access for canoeing, fishing and kayaking.

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Chilliwack River Provincial Park lies in the wetter subzone of the Coastal Douglas fir biogeoclimatic zone. Its floodplain environment further accentuates the role of water in this park as a manipulator of not only the land but also the vegetation.