Columbia lake Report Sept. 2023

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See the Pdf: Columbia Lake ER Warden Trip Sept 10, 2022 Final Report

Purpose and Objectives for This Site Visit

Purpose: Collaborate and learn about the Columbia Lake ER and its values from one another.

Objectives:  Locate the Columbia Lake ER (UTM coordinates);

 Assess ease of access for rangers’ vehicle;

 Assess if the boundaries of the ER are adequately identified/marked, and if not, what needs to be done to better demarcate the boundaries;

 Assess the basic condition of the ER and identify any obvious damage and threats;

 Record natural history observations (evidence of wildlife, and vegetation, especially the species/plant communities related to the purpose of each ER), including posting images on iNaturalist of key plant species; and

 Discuss potential ideas for research, inventory and monitoring activities for 2023. Specific Expectations for BC Parks – assist new ER rangers in finding the boundaries of the ERs, assess ease of access, and work with them on the other objectives

Columbia Lake ER Warden Trip Sept 10, 2022 Final Report

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