Ecological Reserve Warden Stewardship Handbook

Posted October 31, 2022 | Categories : BC Parks,Reports,Warden Meetings |


This handbook provides a description of the duties and responsibilities of Ecological Reserve Wardens and their role in managing ecological reserves.
The Ecological Reserve System
The Ecological Reserve Warden Program Warden Qualifications
Roles of Ecological Reserve Wardens Responsibilities of Ecological Reserve Wardens Being Familiar with the Ecological Reserve Protection and Management
Public Education and Outreach
Record Keeping
Inventory, Monitoring and Research
Supplies and Expenses
Responsibilities of BC Parks Staff
Safety and Security
Volunteer Insurance
Friends of Ecological Reserves
Appendix A: Ecological Reserve Warden Annual Report Appendix B: Suggested Research Topics
Appendix C: Ecological Reserve Warden Orientation Package Appendix D: Sample I.D. Card
Appendix E: Sample Individual Volunteer Services Agreement