Call for Directors for Board of Friends of Ecological Reserves

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The Board of the Friends of Ecological Reserves of British Columbia Wants You! Call for Interim Directors

  • Are you interested in nature and enjoy learning about natural areas?
  • Are you intrigued by the diversity of ecosystems and life forms in British Columbia, including rare plants and animals?
  • Would you like to help foster the stewardship of British Columbia’s ecological reserves, and enhance the system of B.C.’s ecological reserves?
  • Would you like to support the use of ecological reserves as living laboratories to document biodiversity, monitor environmental and climate change, and protect significant ecological, biological and geological features?
  • Do you want to help inform provincial government decisions on the management of existing ecological reserves and the creation of new ecological reserves?
  • Are you interested in enhancing the role of ecological reserves in safeguarding ecological resources and sites significant to Indigenous peoples?
  • Do you have three to ten hours to volunteer each month?
  • Can you attend a two-hour virtual meeting once a month using Zoom teleconferencing?

If so, please consider joining the Board of Directors for the Friends of Ecological Reserves (FER). FER currently seeks dynamic, committed, bright, team-oriented candidates for their Board of Directors from anywhere in B.C.  One of the FER Board members had to resign for personal reasons soon after the last AGM and we need to replace that individual with an interim Director asap before the next AGM in the spring of 2022. The Board could also fill an additional three vacancies on an interim basis.

Ecological reserves provide permanent sanctuaries throughout B.C. that protect representative and special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features and phenomena. Ecological reserves primarily serve scientific research and educational purposes. Ecological reserves:

  • preserve representative examples of British Columbia’s ecosystems;
  • protect rare and endangered plants and animals in their natural habitat;
  • preserve unique, rare or outstanding botanical, zoological or geological phenomena;
  • perpetuate vital genetic resources; and
  • provide venues for scientific research and education in a natural environment.

The Friends of Ecological Reserves (FER) is a volunteer based, not-for-profit charitable organization. FER works closely with BC Parks staff to support ER wardens and to encourage BC Parks to allocate funding to the management, conservation and stewardship of ecological reserves. FER promotes the ecological reserves system in B.C. and the need to add new reserves to address gaps. It raises public awareness about ecological reserves within B.C. and procures funds to:

  • foster research and monitoring in ecological reserves;
  • support volunteer wardens and the warden function within ecological reserves;
  • prepare and circulate a regular newsletter to inform FER members on current issues in ecological reserves; and
  • educate the public regarding the important features of ecological reserves, including conservation of ecological, biological and geological features.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Board
FER is a registered Canadian charity, and a not-for-profit organization under the B.C. Societies Act. The Board is accountable for ensuring that the FER is managed in accordance with applicable federal and provincial laws and its membership’s wishes.  These responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and maintaining a framework of delegation and internal control.
  • Monitoring financial management and performance.
  • Establishing and pursuing a strategic direction in keeping with the FER’s Mission, Vision and Values as articulated in its Strategic Plan.
  • Evaluating and improving the performance of the Board.
  • Promoting and supporting the FER, its members, and the volunteer ER wardens.

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

As individuals and collectively, Board Members are responsible for:

  • Creating a positive, fun, open, respectful, collaborative and action-oriented organizational culture.
  • Adhering to the bylaws, policies, and procedures of the organization.
  • Reading and familiarizing themselves with the five goals in the FER Strategic Plan, actions FER takes to advance these goals, as well as the obstacles faced and progress made in meeting these goals.
  • Attending a majority of all Board meetings in person or via teleconferencing to provide insights and share knowledge to support the ER system and further the management, conservation and stewardship of ecological reserves in B.C. This includes:
    • Reading the minutes and agenda, and completing action items assigned prior to the meeting, and being prepared to speak on his/her agenda items at the meeting or to email an update.
    • Doing the background work he/she commits to do and reporting to the Board at the next meeting on progress made and obstacles faced.
    • Participating in or leading at least one of the FER’s projects or initiatives during each two-year term (e.g., writing an article for the FER newsletter, The LOG)
    • Participating in, organizing, or hosting at least one of FER’s events (field trips, social get-togethers) during each two-year term.
    • Acting selflessly in seeking solutions that are in the best interests of the FER and ecological reserves in B.C.
    • Participating in discussions to set FER Board policy, decisions, and actions.
    • Pursuing opportunities to improve the camaraderie and performance of the FER

    Special Qualifications

    FER seeks candidates to join the Board who have one (or more) of the following areas of interest/expertise:

    • Awareness of the ecological reserves of B.C. and experience in visiting at least one
    • Knowledge of the natural history of British Columbia
    • Interest in and knowledge of biological and geological features, species at risk, fossils
    • Interest in and experience in environmental stewardship and ecological restoration
    • Knowledge of and experience in ecological inventory, monitoring and research methods
    • Interest in and experience with collaboration and negotiation
    • Experience in effective written and verbal communications and social media
    • Interest in and experience in fundraising
    • Experience in working with government land management agencies, including parks and protected areas management
    • Interest in and knowledge of Indigenous law/policy, traditional ecological knowledge, Indigenous culture, cultural resources and traditional use, and First Nations engagement
    • Interest in and experience in land use planning and protected areas systems planning
    • Awareness of biodiversity conservation and ecological land classification principles
    • Understanding of and expertise in environmental policy analysis

    Term for Interim Director: Several months (until the next AGM in the spring of 2022); If elected at the next AGM, the term is for two years with the option to renew.
    Compensation: Although Directors serve as volunteers and receive no financial remuneration, benefits include camaraderie, learning experiences, opportunities to visit ecological reserves, and pride in contributing to the greater good.
    Time Commitment: Usually 3-6 per month.

    Candidate Selection Process
    Candidates interested in serving as an Interim Director should submit their names and qualifications immediately to: Friends of Ecological Reserves of B.C. via email: The FER Board of Directors will review all applications and contact those interested in an Interim Director position. Qualified candidates will be invited to attend all Board meetings up to the next AGM in the spring of 2022. These individuals will then be invited to let their names stand for the official election of Directors by the Society’s membership, which will take place in the spring of 2022.  There will be another call for Directors prior to the next AGM.