Update on the Mt Elphinstone Ecological Reserve Proposals

Posted March 17, 2021 | Categories : 156,ER Proposals,Logging old-growth |

Since we have been recommending proposals for ERs for several areas, an update on the protection of the Mt. Elphinstone ecological reserves proposals was recently provided by Ross Muirhead of the Elphinstone Logging Focus group;

“The Clack Creek Forest was logged in early 2020. However, out of the 5 x Rubus Navailis patches 2 were lost, while the other 3 remain in intact areas.  The cutblock got re-designed a number of times with the best example of the Mature Douglas-fir (in an estimated 10ha stand) was retained as part of an enlarged WTP.  But, the majority of that area got logged so it should be removed as an ER candidate area.
The Roberts Headwaters Forest was removed as a BCTS block and thus remains an ER candidate area.  The BCTS Planner at the time (Norm Kempe) urged us to work with your group to get it designated as an ER.  On the current BCTS maps, the area is no longer drawn out as a cutblock and is not designated as an OGMA either.”