GM for new Societies Act changes to bylaws

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Dear Friends of Ecological Reserves:

In November, 2016, the BC government created a new Societies Act that included a provision that all Societies already in existence refile their Constitution and Bylaws by November 28, 2018. As well, the new Bylaws must be compliant with all the provisions of the new Act.

To this end, we have slightly modified the existing Bylaws. A few clauses were redundant or unnecessary and were removed, and some language was modified for clarity. Otherwise, the Constitution and Bylaws are unaltered.

A General Meeting has been called for 7:30 on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 308 Uganda Avenue, Victoria, BC, at which time members will be asked to vote on a special resolution adopting the new Bylaws.

Please find attached a copy of the Notice of General Meeting, the original Constitution and Bylaws and the proposed revised Bylaws.


Mary Rannie,


The Revised Constitution can be viewed here


Notice Of General Meeting Of Friends of Ecological Reserves


Under the Societies Act of British Columbia, which came into force on November 28, 2016, every pre-existing British Columbia society is required to file with the Registrar of Companies a transition application that contains the constitution, bylaws, statement of directors, and registered office.

A General Meeting of the Members of Friends of Ecological Reserves will be held on October 26, 2018 to consider a Special Resolution of the Members to authorize the directors to file a transition application; and to replace the Society’s current Bylaws with revised Bylaws that comply with the new Societies Act.

The Notice of General Meeting of Members and Notice of Special Resolution follows. The proposed new Bylaws are attached.

F.E.R. Friends of Ecological Reserves Society


Notice is hereby given that a General Meeting of the Members of the F.E.R Friends of Ecological Reserves Society (hereinafter called the “Society”) will be held for the following purpose.

  1. To consider and to vote on the following resolution as a special resolution requiring the approval of 75% of the votes of those members of the Society who vote in person at the meeting:

WHEREAS the Society was incorporated under the former Society Act; and

WHEREAS it is required of the Society to transition to the new Societies Act pursuant to section 240 of the Act; and

WHEREAS the Society desires to alter the Bylaws of the Society (the “Bylaws”) pursuant to section 17 of the Act.




  1. The directors of the Society are authorized and directed to file a transition application to Societies Online;
  2. The current Bylaws of the Society are repealed effective on the date that the Society transitions under the Act and the new Bylaws that have been submitted to this meeting, and are attached, are approved and will be effective on the same date.
  3. Any one of the directors of the Society is authorized to take all such actions, including filing the transition application, which are necessary or desirable for the implementation of this resolution.
  1. To transact other business as may properly come before the meeting.

Dated at the City of Victoria, Province of British Columbia this 4th day of October, 2018.

Mary Rannie, Secretary, F.E.R Friends of Ecological Reserves Society


Meeting Details:

The home of Jenny Feick and Ian Hatter

308 Uganda Avenue

Victoria, BC

7:30, Friday, October 26, 2018


The Revised Constitution can be viewed here