The Board of FER files Information Requests on Government Intervenors Today

Posted June 22, 2015 | Categories : Marine Reserves,News,Oil Spill Threat |

This past week we submitted an application to participate in the NEB Oral Summary Arguments  in Burnaby in September of this year.

Today we completed filing the Information requests on other intervenors. Because of the disappointing “Written Evidence ” provided by the federal departments,  we decided to file on the following Federal Departments :

Transport Canada
National Resources Canada ( NRCan)
Environment Canada
Department of Fisheries and Oceans ( DFO)
And on the Provincial Government.

These filings can be viewed at:


It is to be noted that the Provincial Government did not file a final written evidence statement:  An interesting development has happened in that the Living Oceans Society and Raincoast Conservation Foundation have filed a Notice of Motion on the Provincial government. (An order granting Living Oceans Society leave to direct information requested: requests to the Province of British Columbia,)
The National Energy Board indexes all communications from  Intervenors, KM/TMX , NEB and commentators at this website:
A054 – National Energy Board – Exhibit List for Hearing Order OH-001-2014 (A61576)
Internal Links  for copies of these filings:

IRs to Government of BC from The Board of Friends of Ecological Reserves

IR-to-prov-of-BC and

IRs to the Government of Canada from The Board of Friends of Ecological Reserves IRs-to-GOC departments