Killer whales and Acoustic Masking in the Marine Environment

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In our recent Final submission of written evidence to the National Energy Board re Kinder Morgans TMX pipeline proposal, our  Chapter 3  dealt with the severe threat to Cetaceans from the cumulative increase of vessel traffic from the project.

Since writing that report, more references on this subject have come to light from another Intervenor which all pertain to the risk we are subjecting the Endangered Southern Resident Population of Killer whales to.

1. Potential Acoustic Impacts of Vessel Traffic from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project on Southern Resident Killer Whales , May 2015
Prepared by: Christopher Clark, Ph.D. I.P Johnson Senior Scientist, Bioacoustics Research Program, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Senior Scientist, Department of Neurobiology and Behaviour Cornell University Ithaca, NY Prepared for: Raincoast Conservation Foundation

(Internal link:RCF-SRKW-Acoustics-NEB-Clark-May-2015)

2. Report  on  Population  Viability  Analysis  model  investigations  of  
threats  to  the  Southern  Resident  Killer  Whale  population  from
Trans  Mountain  Expansion  Project

3. Acoustics: the effects of vessel traffic on SRKWs

4. Wild salmon