Photos of Ram Creek

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Alton Valler from Cranbrook, BC has sent a set of pictures taken of the pools at Ram Creek .  He indicates  ” You may not be aware but this pool was washed out about 2-3 years ago and I have not been back there to see, but I hear its being rebuilt by local volunteers.

Ram-creek 4

Ram Creek photo by Alton Valler

There has been some concern expressed on the COSEWIC website:
“Even in provincial protected areas there is damage by bathers because BC Parks has insufficient
budget to control access or manage the springs to maintain conservation values. Resource
managers have had to make difficult decisions to either ignore the habitat degradation
by human bathers or to modify the springs to the extent that the natural habitat
for invertebrates is obliterated. In the East Kootenays, Ram Creek Hot Springs
Ecological Reserve is an example of the former.”

And on the BC Parks website

  • Motorized users are advised that the section of the Ram Creek Forest Service Road which previously traversed through Ram Creek Ecological Reserve has been permanently deactivated and reclaimed for public safety, due to significant debris torrent hazard to the geothermal site. All resource roads adjacent to Ram Creek Ecological Reserve remain open.BC Parks does not recommend recreational use of the warm pools within Ram Creek Ecological Reserve.
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