Boundary Trespass on Big White Mountain Ecological Reserve

Posted May 22, 2013 | Categories : 34,Issues,Management,Maps |

On one corner of the Ecological Reserve, the Big White resort Development has trespasses into the reserve with permanently installed ski trails. . The first map image below shows the outline of the reserve, the second map image  shows a detail of the compromised boundary. It would be interesting to know how this was allowed to happen, and perhaps it indicates a need  for more thorough signage along the boundary.


Perhaps appropriate mitigation would be for the Big White Ski resort to  volunteer to install and maintain the necessary signage as it was noted in October 2012 that signs were missing and this one ski Boundary sign was not even in good shape..





Big White Mountain Ecological Reserve from satellite imagery. Note boundary crossing on lower left corner.

Ski trails crossing over the Big White Mountain Ecological Reserve Boundary on the south-west corner.