Scott Islands Marine National Wildlife Area Summary of projects fiscal 2012 – 13

Posted March 28, 2013 | Categories : 11,12,13,Reports |

Health of the Oceans (HOTO) funding(fiscal2012-13) supports projects helpful to the management plan for the proposed Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area (NWA):


– Developing awareness of seabirds and marine environment.

– Understanding the environment supporting the seabirds.

– Monitoring and managing activities potentially affecting the environment supporting seabirds and their forage species.

– Understanding cultural values of and history of seabird presence on Lanz and Cox Islands.

These and new projects to be implemented over time as resources permit.

  • Focus is understanding the relationship between the environment, production

of forage species, and seabird populations.

• Building collaboration with First Nations; and agencies: DFO, CHS, NRCan, BC.

• Extension of results may benefit environmental and resource management coast-wide.

see the full version of this report in the PDF: