Marine Protected Areas Networks

Posted July 15, 2012 | Categories : Marine Reserves |

Scientific Guidelines for designing Marine Protected Areas in a Changing Climate.  Published by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.


Scientific Guidelines for Designing Resilient
Marine Protected Area Networks in a Changing Climate 1

Guideline 1

Protect Species and Habitats with Crucial Ecosystem Roles,
or Those of Special Conservation Concern 9

Guideline 2

Protect Potential Carbon Sinks 15

Guideline 3

Protect Ecological Linkages and Connectivity Pathways
for a Wide Range of Species 19

Guideline 4

Protect the Full Range of Biodiversity Present
in the Target Biogeographic Area 27

Annex 1

Review of Atmospheric and Oceanographic Information 33

Annex 2

Generalized Effects of Climate-driven Oceanographic Changes
on Components of the Ecosystem 62

Annex 3

Workshop Participants 69 


See the Complete PDF if this document: 10820-scientific-guidelines-designing-resilient-marine-protected-area-networks-in-changing-en