Morice River Ecological Reserve # 81 Warden’s report

Posted March 21, 2012 | Categories : 81,Warden Reports |

Date of Report: March 20, 2012 Warden: Rosamund Pojar

Jim Pojar and I visited the Morice River Ecological Reserve in Spring 2011. We worked out way down to the river and Jim checked to see if he could still find the Forest Research Plots on the river terraces.
 There has been more wind-fall across the temporary trail that was put in for researchers to access their plots.
 The boundaries on all sides are intact. The signs on the clear-cut/wildfire boundary (south side) are now hidden as the trees planted in the clear -cut/wildfire area are now quite tall. That is good as it means that it is harder to get into the reserve unless you know where the access point is. The sign on the river side has gone –possibly it fell into the Morice River. I would recommend putting up another one so that people travelling on the river are not tempted to camp on the River terrace inside the reserve.
Recovery after the fire is good, albeit slow, but the understory is growing well and wildlife signs are abundant (bear, moose, songbirds and raptors).
We spent approximately 4 hours in travel to and from the reserve and approximately 4 hours in the reserve.