Torkelson Lake ER #73 Warden’s report 2012

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Ecological Reserve Warden annual report by  Rosamund Pojar
Torkelsen Lake Ecological Reserve #73
Date of Report:
March 20, 2012
 We (Jim Pojar and myself) visited the reserve in March 2010
and snow – shoed on the creek along the northern edge of the reserve. The reserve boundaries are all intact as far as we can see. Signs are still visible along the Nilkitkwa Road, although they are widely spaced apart and we could consider putting up some more.
 While we were there we observed  fresh wolverine tracks,

Gulo gulo, wolverine photo by Zephram,

as well as pine marten and snowshoe hare tracks on the snow.

 We spent approximately 3 hours travelling to and from the reserve and 3 hours snow shoeing along the boundary.
 While driving north to Fort Babine in June of 2011, we ob served that the southern and eastern boundaries are both intact and there is no sign of any damage to the reserve along the side of the road.  We will attempt to go in again this coming year.