Warden’s report -Visit to ER #76 – Fraser River Islands, Sept. 28, 2008

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Visit to ER #76 – Fraser River Islands, September 28, 2008

Sunny, warm; low water, 20 degrees C

Launched from Nicomen Boat Launch at 10:30 am, joined by (John) Riley from Hope. Carried in boats from locked gate. Horse buggy competition getting underway on Nicomen Island fields.

Returned 6:00 pm.

Paddled about 1 km to ER. Walked around islands for 7.5 km. See map.

Most significant feature was amount of silt/mud coating on gravel bars.

Also reed canary grass is growing amongst the horsetail…possibly taking over in some locations.

Very large ivy vine growing up cottonwood, but not spreading out along the ground.

(see photo)

We disturbed barred owl when bush whacking through large cottonwood area (near ivy tree).

Eagle nest at (NAD83)

10 U 0571256

5447383 (+15 m)

Ivy covered tree at

10 U 0571359


Furthest downstream tip of island (western)

10 U 0570423



Turkey vulture – 2 flying over

Greater yellow legs – at least two, but saw two in different locations at different times

Glaucous winged gull

Winter wren

Barred owl

Osprey – flying overhead

Common merganser – pair


Northern flicker

Black capped chicadee

Red tailed hawk

Bald eagle – two adults and an immature



Lily of the valley

Stinging nettle

Cascara – extensive amount, and seedlings, especially near ivy tree

Artemisia sp.

Golden rod

Blackberries – ripe ones especially along northern facing shore of lower island

Reed canary grass (growing in on horsetail areas)

English ivy (growing high up on one tree)


Tracks – deer and with fawn, racoon, beaver, fox (looks like small dog), bear

Young toad – two in different locations, both green

Thousands of small fish in different pools

Grasshoppers (adults with visible wings)