Warden’s report -Visit to ER #76 – Fraser River Islands, Oct.27, 2007

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Visit to ER #76 – Fraser River Islands, October 27, 2007

Warden’s report by Bill and Bev Ramey

sun, some high cloud, 12 degrees C; water level 1.5 – 2.0 at Mission

We launched from Nicomen Boat Launch at 9:45 am, having carried boat the block from the locked gate. John “Riley” joined us. River was higher than usual with fewer gravel bars showing and smaller sized.

Paddled across to the upstream island. 14 eagles perched in tall trees on main lower island.

Walked across the upper island, up swale, to upstream tip, where we watched two First Nations fishing. At upstream tip there were about 700 gulls, mostly Glaucous-winged gulls (with a few Thayers?), and two Great Blue Heron.

We then walked back down swale, noting beetles in sand and lots of beaver activity in the shrubs along shore. With kayaks we paddled up the central channel, which had more current than usual (due to higher water level). In the quiet water there were about 100 + mallards loafing. Also a garter snake swimming in this quiet water channel.

The gravel bar at the upstream end of more eastern of the two lower islands has been heavily eroded (likely from June freshet). Walked down inner swale – which is full of standing water in places which we needed to walk around.

Total distance walked and paddled – 10 km. Paddle to island was 1 km and walking on island was 8 km.


Eagles – 14 perched in big cottonwood area; and later 20+ on downstream gravel bars

Killdeer – 1

Gulls – 700 mostly Glaucous-winged Gulls; possibly a few Thayer’s

Great blue heron – 2

Mallard – 100+ loafing in inner channel

Black capped chickadee

Kingfisher – 3

Downy woodpecker

Double crested cormorants – 12 perched on log ground in river channel

Hawk (likely red tailed)


Bunch grasses


Aster – purple blooms

Golden rod (Solidago Canadensis)– up to 8’ high

?sand dune tansy ?or common tansy

Red-osier dog wood





Brown-eyed Susan or Little Salmon Eyes (Gaillardia aristata)


Garter snake

Beaver – sign lots of fresh chewing and cutting trees