Update COSEWIC Status Report on the sea otter Enhydra lutris in Canada 2007

Posted July 15, 2007 | Categories : 109,Oil Spill Threat,Rare Species,Reports |
Reason for designation:
The species had been extirpated in British Columbia by the fur trade by the early 1900s, and was re-introduced from 1969-72. It has since repopulated 25-33% of its historic range in British Columbia, but is not yet clearly secure.
Numbers are small (<3,500) and require careful monitoring. Their susceptibility to oil and the proximity to major oil
tanker routes make them particularly vulnerable to oil spills.
British Columbia, Pacific Ocean
Status history Designated Endangered in April 1978. Status re-examined and confirmed Endangered in April 1986. Status re-examined and designated Threatened in April 1996 and in May 2000. Status re-examined and designated Special
Concern in April 2007. Last assessment based on an update status report.
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See the full PDF: COSEWICW69-14-80-2007E