Sikanni Chief River Ecological Reserve Purpose Statement 2006

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sikannichiefThe primary role of the Sikanni Chief River Ecological Reserve is to conserve the Northern-most occurrence of Englemann Spruce in the Rocky Mountains. The ecological reserve contains pristine flora and fauna typical of the alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems representative of the northern rocky mountains. Alpine wildlife species that exist within the ecological reserve include stone’s sheep, mountain goat, grizzly bear, golden eagles and ptarmigan. The ecological reserve is located at the headwaters of the Sikanni Chief River, 190 km NW of Hudson’s Hope.

Known Management Issues


Hunting may occur in the ecological reserve, as it is not signed at its boundaries or well known amongst the public

  • Install signs at appropriate points along the boundary of the ecological reserve.
  • Work with guide outfitters and resident hunter community to educate about the presence of the ecological reserve and the restrictions on hunting within its boundaries.
  • Continue reinforce no hunting status on BC Parks website.


Ecosection: The ecological reserve represents a portion of the Eastern Muskwa Ranges ecosection, which is 40% protected across the province. The ecological reserve contains 0.3% of the provincial total.

biogeoclimatic subzone/variant:

The ecological reserve provides representation of the Alpine Tundra subzone and the Spruce-Willow-Birch moist cold (SWB mk) variant. 22.5% of the Alpine Tundra subzone is protected across the province, of which .05% is contributed by Sikanni Chief River Ecological Reserve. The SWBmk variant is also 22.5% protected across the province, of which the ecological reserve contributes 0.04%.

Special Feature:

Northern-most occurrence of Englemann Spruce in the Rocky Mountains

Nutrient cycling in subalpine ecosystems, due to presence of slopes of all aspects in the ecological reserve.

Rare/Endangered Values

Scientific/Research Opportunities

Recruit volunteer ecological reserve warden to monitor E.R. and post signs.

Representation Special Feature

Cultural Heritage: Unknown. This ecological reserve lies within the area traditionally used by the First Nations of Treaty 8

Collaborative Management Arrangements::This ecological reserve will, once the agreement is signed, be subject to the Memorandum of Agreement respecting the management of provincial parks between the Government of BC and the Treaty 8 First Nations.

Date of establishment::May 29, 1973

2401 hectares May 29, 1973