Browne Lake ER #51 Purpose Statement

Posted February 28, 2006 | Categories : 51,Management,Reports |

Primary Role :
The primary role of Browne Lake Ecological Reserve is to protect a small wet meadow ecosystem and surrounding forest in the Interior Douglas-fir – Montane Spruce transition. The wet meadow, once used as pasture, is reverting to the original sedge community. A rock outcrop on the central hill holds a small seepage-influenced community with yellow-listed Lewisia pymgaea .
Representative values are low. There are no known rare species in the reserve.

See the full PDF derived from the BC Parks website at : browne

Known Management Issues:

Limited information is available on rare and endangered species and communities.

Potential impact of non-compatible use on the wet meadow ecosystem values.

Complete a rare/endangered species and communities inventory or a sensitive ecosystem assessment with the assistance of the ecological reserve warden or a university student.

Discourage use of the reserve through signage