Ontario Parks Ecological Stress Identification

Posted January 30, 2005 | Categories : Ecological Monitoring |


Ontario Parks has adopted a structured stress identification process used by other jurisdictions. This pro- cess relies on the knowledge of protected area staff to identify possible stressors on an individual protected area basis. Knowing what stresses are occurring in an individual protected area or across portions of the protected area system will allow Ontario Parks to identify future research and monitoring priorities. The report outlines the stress identification process in use by Ontario Parks……………………

“One aspect of ecological monitoring to be considered is an assessment of the stressors acting on the pro- tected areas, individually and collectively. A stress assessment is only one of a suite of tools in the ecological monitoring toolkit. Identifying the types and effects of stresses will increase awareness of the factors affect- ing the integrity of protected areas, will provide benchmark information for future assessments and will position Ontario Parks to determine the best course of action to mitigate those stressors.

See the full text of these proceedings at: PRFO-2005-MonitoringProceedings-p55-Bellhouse

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