Narcosli Lake Purpose Statement

Posted September 8, 2003 | Categories : 53,Reports |

Narcosli Lake Ecological Reserve lies in a shallow valley on the Interior Plateau. Lands around its northern end are very flat, while low hills rising to 1,310 m flank the southern portion. Narcosli Lake, about 325 ha in area and 5 km long, is very shallow and divided by a narrows into two basins of approximately equal size. It is the central feature of the reserve, surrounded by a buffer of upland or wetland about 300 m in width. The lake drains northward via a meandering, low-gradient stream into Coglistiko River, a tributary of the West Road (Blackwater) River.
The shallow lake, particularly its northern basin, has extensive submerged communities dominated by pondweeds of the genus Potamogeton and by water smartweed. Emergent stands of bulrush are also present. Most of the lake perimeter has a marshy shoreline. By far the most extensive wetland communities occur around the north end of the lake and along its outlet stream. These are dominated by sedges, particularly beaked sedge.

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