Tsitika River Ecological Reserve Purpose Statement

Posted March 5, 2003 | Categories : 124,Management |

Primary Role
The primary role of Tsitika River Ecological Reserve is to protect a typical low-elevation fen/bog complex in the Tsitika drainage. The reserve comprises a flat to gently sloping, wet flood plain that has developed thin peat deposits adjacent to the Tsitika River. A variety of bog and fen communities are surrounded by a fringe of forest communities. Unusual species combinations occur in some of the communities due to watertable changes brought about by past and present beaver activity.

Roosevelt elk have used this wetland area during spring and summer, pronounced trails are in evidence. Black-tailed deer are frequent and beaver, wolf and black bear are occasionally present.

See the complete PDF here: tsitikarv_ps

Management Issues

Known Management Issue


Protection of natural values from adjacent logging

  •  Work with Ministry of Forests and industry to take ecological reserve values into consideration during forest development.
  •  Monitor for impact to the bog/fen system that may result from adjacent logging.

Public awareness of reserve and undertaking of inappropriate activities (hunting and other recreational uses)

  •  Ensure boundary signs are visible.
  •  Increase general public awareness of the ecologicalreserve program.
  •  Continue to work with volunteer ecological reservewarden.