Ecological Reserves and BC’s Nesting Seabirds : ER Proposal- Campbell 1976

Posted December 2, 1976 | Categories : 103,109,120,Reports |

Wayne Campbell proposed these reserves  and gave reasons about the uniqueness of the Bird Colonies. Thirteen species of true seabirds nest in BC. These include two storm petrels, three cormorants a gull and seven auks. The total breeding population estimation is 550,000 pairs. This is an Ecological Reserve  proposal for  three sets of islands:

The Pine/Tree Storm Islands, now ER #120
the Byers/Conroy/Harvey/Sinnett Islands ,  now # 103

The third, Thomas Island, now part of off Checlesset Bay ER #109

See the pdf file: campbell 1976 er proposals for bc seabird colonies

Photo of Pigeon Guillemot chicks in nest by Adam Harding